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Molly Denham Owner of VEXA Solutions

Molly Denham – EA / VAST Creator & Director

Take the BETA Survey

Take this short survey to see if you are qualified to be an exclusive VAST Software BETA.

Let's start with some easy technical questions.

Will you have the authorization to access this software on our secure, off-site servers?
Do you use Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar to manage your executive(s)?
Do you have authorization to sync your executives calendar with VAST software?
Can you create a custom .xlsx (Microsoft excel or Google sheet exported to Microsoft Excel) file?
BETA testing requires timely responses to surveys, well written feedback, and thoughtful evaluation. Are you willing to devote the time to provide the information needed to help us make VAST the greatest EA support software available?

Now we have two simple questions about your professional career.

Are the executive or executives you work for C-Suite level?
How much scheduling and travel planning do you do as part of your assigned duties?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. There are over 100 Executive Assistants who signed up to help us with BETA testing. We will only be choosing a select few.

However, even if you are not chosen, you will receive a discount of some kind for your time.

Molly Denham


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