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You are too good to let the ‘little details’ slip

Organization is your strength. You are an experienced executive assistant. You shouldn’t feel out of control when it comes to managing the little details your client’s need. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

You are too good to let 'little details' slip

Save hours managing notes and help your clients remember with VAST.

Save hours each day

No more jumping between programs and spending ages copying and pasting what they need into the notes.

Avoid missing vital details

When that important event comes up your executive will have the info they need to say the right thing.

Make everyones life easier

Adding and finding specific information about an event or person is easy for you and your executive.

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Molly Denham Owner of VEXA Solutions

Molly Denham – EA / VAST Creator & Director

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“I feel back in control
and my client always
feels ready for her next

Johanna – USA

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Executive assistants thrive on organization but, adding those extra little details to calendar events and contacts takes forever. VAST Software is a simple app that makes it easy for EA’s to organize this extra information so their executive can remember.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, we will be testing the software before it’s launched in late April or early May 2023.

We will extend the trial version pricing for 3 months after subscribing for those on our launch list.

Yes! You can join our Beta team… On February 1, 2023 we expect to launch our Beta program where superstar EAs just like you will have a chance to help us make VAST the best EA tool on the market. 

To join the Beta team click here…

You can also download the slide deck from Molly’s breakout session at the 2022 APC Conference in Orlando, Florida.


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