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Manage your exec’s calendar quicker with these templates

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When it comes to managing your exec’s calendar, laying out every detail in the event description so they have everything at hand is critical but, it takes a lot of time to do.

Here are two templates from my process as an experienced EA to help speed up your workflow until our VAST EA Software is soon launched.

Plus you’ll receive a BONUS Cheat Sheet on how to be a Superstar EA.

What you'll receive...

  1. EA resources: Event Card + Trip Book
  2. How to be a Superstar EA
  3. Invitation to join our VAST EA Software prelaunch list
Molly Denham owner of VEXA Services Executive Virtual Assistants

Kind Regards,

Molly Denham - Founder / Executive Assistant

EA Resources Downloads

Download the 2 Word Document templates that have helped me in my EA career here:

  1. Event Card (Solved with VAST)
    I put together an event card for each major social event or speaking engagement my exec attended.
    Download: vastcsuite.com/eventcard
  2. Trip Book (Solved with VAST)
    Here is another template that tracks all of their movements and changes as they happen.
    Download: vastcsuite.com/tripbook

BONUS Download

How to be a Superstar EA - 10 Tips to Excel Your Career

These quick tips will help propel you to the next level of your career and thrive as a superstar assistant.
Download: vastcsuite.com/tentips

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