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The streamlined executive calendar management flow

Lock In V.I.P. Pricing

Save hours each month

Become more productive

Supercharge your workflow

Helping dedicated EAs streamline their exec’s calendar workflow so they become a productive power team without spending hours back and forth.



Events you are invited to.

Make sure you never miss important events with an easy to manage invitation workflow.

Lock In V.I.P. Pricing

Invite using VAST HighLights™

VAST Invitation dashboard where you can easily edit invitation details.

Track invitations with VAST

The VAST pending invitation dashboard.

Easily monitor on the VAST dashboard



The places and people.

Create meaningful calendar events using VAST HighLights™ for people, places, and events.

Lock In V.I.P. Pricing

Schedule with VAST templates

The VAST event dashboard showing how to choose an event template.

Add people with VAST HighLights™

The event editing dashboard within VAST calendar management software.

Your exec will see VAST HighLights™

Screenshot of the VAST calendar interface with a pop up that shows the event details.



The cost of attending.

Remove the nightmare of tracking, reconciling and processing expenses so your exec gets reimbursed quicker and easier.

Lock In V.I.P. Pricing

Easily add detailed expenses

Screen shot of the VAST Expenses dashboard showing the area to log expenses.

Quickly match expenses to events

The VAST Expense dashboard showing how to match expenses with events

Monitor, reconcile, and reimburse fast

The VAST Expense dashboard where all expenses are shown for easy monitoring.
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Help your EA help you in 3 easy steps


Sync your calendar
to Google or Outlook


Add informative
VAST HighLights™


Manage your week
easier & better

Integrates with…
VAST C Suite integrates with Google Suite
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Lock In V.I.P. Pricing

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