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Helping EAs better manage their executive’s calendar

Save time searching

A more productive EA

Enjoy more success

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VAST C Suite integrates with Google Suite
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Chasing each other for answers isn't fun

Your EA is crucial in keeping you organized and giving you vital details about the events you attend and the people you meet. The constant back and forth between you and your EA to get answers that ensure you don’t miss out on valuable opportunities is time-consuming. The process needs to be better.

VAST - The Better Way to Manage Your Executive Calendar

You can both manage your week more productively with VAST software.

Increased EA productivity

Reduce the numbers of hours your EA spends on low-level admin so they can focus on helping you better

Quickly find crucial details

Finding what you need to know about your event and its attendees is quick and easy.

Don't miss important events

Both you and your EA can easily manage your event invitations without constantly chasing each other.

VAST the mobile friendly productivity app
VAST Productivity

Easily get all the information you need, when you need it.

The Old Calendar Snapshot from VAST.
Supercharged Calendar Snapshot with VAST Calendar Management.jpg
Supercharge Your Calendar with VAST.

Created by an EA to solve the daily frustrations your calendar causes.

Molly is a veteran EA and still works as an EA for high-level c-suite executives who don’t have the time or the patience to search for things. She decided that Google and Outlook was missing vital functionality that an EA needs to give their exec the support they needed which is why VAST was built.

Molly Denham Owner of VEXA Solutions

Molly Denham – EA / VAST Creator & Director

3 easy steps to helping your EA better help you


Sync your calendar


Add event highlights


Manage your week better

Integrations with Google and Microsoft with more to come

VAST C Suite integrates with Google Calendar
VAST C Suite integrates with Google Contacts
Get more done with VAST

“I feel back in control
and my client always
feels ready for her next

Johanna – USA

Be VASTly more productive from just $149/mo.

Single $149

A single license for you and your executive

Duo $279

Manage two executives with one dashboard


Multiple seat licenses for busy EAs or large offices

Calendar management software for Executives and their EAs

Ambitious executives have a lot of places to go with important people to meet, leaving no time to deal with the growing pile of admin tasks that need to be resolved by their EA. VAST is a mighty Google and Outlook extension that will save your EA hours and give you the crucial details you need to look even more professional at your next meeting.

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